Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Cambridge by Carpet Masters

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Cambridge, ON

Regular vacuuming doesn’t remove the stains, oil particles from cooking vapours, pet stains and dirt that can cause carpets to dull and fade over time. Regular deep cleaning prevents the build up of dirt, grime and odours and helps improve the air quality in your home by removing pet hair, dust mites and other allergens that thrive deep in your carpet.

Our trained technicians use the RotoVac Carpet Cleaning System to produce incredible carpet cleaning results with minimal drying time. See some of our work and the wonders we can achieve on even the toughest carpet cleaning challenges. And we can do the same for you!

At Carpet Masters, we take special care with how we clean your precious carpets! In fact, we’re so confident in our carpet cleaning expertise that we ensure your complete satisfaction with our 100% Guarantee. We will provide you with a free quote and can even provide a Free 15 Minute Carpet Audit, to access the condition and life of your carpet. Choose the Cleaning Package that gives you the most value:

39¢ per sq/ft. - Includes Our 10 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection
  2. Pre-Vacuuming
  3. Baseboard Edge Vacuuming
  4. Pre-Condition for Stains and Dirt
  5. Carpet Agitation to work in pre-spray into the carpet fibres and loosen dirt and stains
  6. Roto-Vac Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
  7. Post Inspection and Spot Cleaning
  8. Groom and Set Pile
  9. Free Bottle of Spot Cleaner
  10. 30 Day Guarantee

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