The Rotovac Carpet Restoration Cleaning System

The Rotovac Carpet Restoration Cleaning System - Carpet Cleaning Services Cambridge by Carpet Masters

At Carpet Masters, we’re proud to use the ROTOVAC Carpet Restoration Cleaning System for all of our professional carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning services. And we would like to introduce our new Truck Mount steam cleaning service combined with the ROTOVAC for deep down cleaning like no other.

ROTOVAC’s patented vacuum heads use Rotary Jet Extraction, which thoroughly cleans carpet fibres from all directions, with hundreds of cleaning passes per minute. It produces dramatically superior cleaning results, with minimal drying time, restoring even the most heavily soiled carpets.

Whether you’ve had a terrible grape soda explosion in the living room, or you feel like you’re suffering from hay fever 365 days a year, the ROTOVAC System will thoroughly clean the carpet fibres in your home or business. It’s reliable results will leave you amazed! And we’re so confident, we ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Watch the ROTOVAC in Action:

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