Busted! Don’t Believe This Myth About Carpet Cleaning

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Busted Don't Believe This Myth About Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have the ability to make or break the ambiance of your home. Therefore, they need to be cleaned and rinsed regularly by a professional to ensure that they don’t collect dust and dirt and remain spotless. While some people hire professional carpet cleaners, there are many that avoid enlisting the services of a professional due to the biggest misunderstanding that circulates around carpet cleaning. To help you steer clear of this misconception, Carpet Masters has debunked the most widely believed myth about carpet cleaning.

Myth: Carpets get dirtier after having them cleaned.
 When a carpet is cleaned by a professional, certified carpet cleaner who uses premium equipment and cleaning products, your carpets will not prematurely get dirty. Premature dirty carpets occur when there is a residue left over from the cleaning process. There are several types of carpet cleaning methods:

1. Bonnet cleaning: Is basically a surface cleaning process with no extraction cleaning, so the cleaning solution used will be left in the carpet. 

2. Dry foam cleaning: Is where a foam solution is worked into the carpet with a special machine. Once it’s dry, the foam crystallizes attaching itself to the dirt particles in the carpet. It is up to the homeowner to vacuum the dry foam out of the carpet. Again, no deep clean extraction here, so there will be residue left in the carpet. 

3. Steam or hot water extractions cleaning: Is the most effective way to clean carpets. A non-residue pre-spray cleaning solution is sprayed on your carpet, which emulsifies breaking down the dirt, oils, and contaminants in the carpet. Then steam or hot water extraction is used to remove dirt, stains, pet urine, from deep down in the carpet fibers. There will be no harsh residue left over from the cleaning as your carpets will be rinsed out with steam or hot water extraction. This method of carpet cleaning is the only method recommended by most carpet mills. Cleaning solutions left over by the cleaning process leaves a sticky residue that attracts dirt easily, making it harder to vacuum. When you wash your clothes or your hair, soap or shampoo is used to clean, then it has to be rinsed out. Carpets are no different. For this reason, when hiring a professional carpet cleaner, ask what method they use. Most people are more concerned about price than about the methods used. 

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