Get Professional Cleaning Services At Carpet Masters

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Get Professional Cleaning Services At Carpet Masters

Dirt and dust should not be allowed to build up in your house as it could cause significant health problems, such as asthma and lung disorders. It’s also vital to keep your residence looking spotless as an immaculate appearance can be a mood changer after a long, tiring day. 

However, if you lead a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to clean up, it’s best to hire the services of a cleaning company. They can help with specialized areas such as mattress cleaning, pet urine, and odor removal, by using industrial equipment to get the job done. They also have the relevant expertise to tackle tough jobs, such as fungus and pollen.

As a leading carpet cleaning company in Cambridge, ON, at Carpet Masters, we want to help you understand how a professional cleaner can help with residential cleaning. To expand your knowledge on the same, we have outlined our list of services to ensure you maintain a clean and healthy home. 

Carpet cleaning: A vacuum cleaner will not eradicate stubborn stains or oil particles from cooking vapor. So our team uses the ROTOVAC carpet cleaning system to achieve excellent results. Our method does more than regular spring cleaning, as we delve deep into your carpet to remove tough stains, harmful bacteria, etc.

Upholstery cleaning: During the upholstery cleaning process, we examine furniture thoroughly to make sure there is no wear and tear. We then get to work on conditioning and rinsing the fabric before drying the upholstery.

Area rug cleaning: An area rug can add a dash of glamour and bring out the personality of a room. However, with people regularly walking over it and pets using it as a place of comfort, microscopic bugs can soon build up. Traditional spot cleaning will damage area rugs, so we use proven quality techniques to restore its beauty.

Tiles and grout cleaning: Tiles and grout can often become grimy due to spillages and dirty mop water. We restore shimmer to the porcelain and ceramic tiles with our ROTOVAC system. Our system has special cleaners and high pressured spray jets that release hot water to bring back the shine, while nylon brushes scrub the surface to leave it sparkling clean. 

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Cambridge, ON, reach out to Carpet Masters. We are a certified, insured, and bonded company with over eight years of experience. Our team of cleaners are professionally trained and offer the highest standard of service. 

Our services include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and pet odor removal. We also offer a free quote and carry out a free fifteen-minute audit to assess the state of your carpets.

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